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Job opening

Available immediately for highly motivated recent Ph.Ds and/or MDs with strong training in catalysis, organic chemistry and material science to participate in the following projects involving multidisciplinary teams of experimental and theoretical investigators:

(a) design and synthesis of well-defined metal oxide, metal clusters and porous material catalyst by novel methods;

(b) material characterizations using operando methods, such as FTIR, STEM, EXANE/EXAFS, and neutron diffractions;

(c) catalytic conversion of biomass and its derivatives, such as cellulose, lignin, and platform chemicals under thermal, photocatalytic and electrochemical conditions;

(d) theoretical chemistry for heterogeneous catalysis including artificial intelligence and machine learning;

(e) techno-economic analysise and life cycle assessment.

  Successful candidates will be part of a stimulating and collaborative scientific environment with cutting-edge instrumentation and facilities. Applicants should send CV and names and addresses of three references to