We report a strategy for the catalytic conversion of lignosulfonate into phenols over heterogeneous nickel catalysts. Aryl–alkyl bonds (C–O–C) and hydroxyl groups (–OH) are hydrogenated to phenols and alkanes, respectively, without disturbing the arenes. The catalyst is based on a naturally abundant element, and is recyclable and reusable.

Design, synthesis and characterization of nanosized Mo-V-O oxides and their catalytic applications in C-H bond activation reactions

Synthesis of nanostructured molybdenum trioxides and their catalytic performance in carbon-carbon coupling reactions

Catalytic conversion of glycerol over V-P-O catalysts

A catalyst with nanosized FeOX domains embedded in the surface of FeVO4 phase is active for oxidative dehydration of glycerol to acrolein and acrylic acid

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