Junju Mu (穆骏驹)

title Associate Professor email mujunju[@]
degree Ph.D., University of Manchester

Junju Mu (穆骏驹)

Email: mujunju[@]

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (2017)

Graduated from University of Manchester, 2018

Research interests

Computational chemistry, including Density Functional Theory, Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo, in combination with artificial intelligence and machine learning regarding the following research areas.

  • Photocatalysis/electrocatalysis of biomass and small organic chemicals

  • Extraction of elements in rare earth and nuclear industry

  • CO2 capture and storage


  1. Junju Mu, Ryuhei Motokawa, Kazuhiro Akutsu, Shotaro Nishitsuji, and Andrew J. Masters. A Novel Micro-Emulsion Phase Transition: Towards the Elucidation of Third Phase Formation in Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing. J. Phys. Chem. B. 2018, 122, 1439-1452.

  2. Junju Mu, Ryuhei Motokawa, Christopher D. Williams, Kazuhiro Akutsu, Shotaro Nishitsuji, and Andrew J. Masters. Comparative molecular dynamics study on tri-n-butyl phosphate in organic and aqueous environments and its relevance to nuclear extraction processes. J. Phys. Chem. B. 2016, 120, 5183-5193.