Cheng Cai(蔡诚)

title Postdoc email chengcai[@]
degree Ph.D., South China University of Technology

Cheng Cai(蔡诚

Email: chengcai[@]
Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (2020)
Graduated from School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, SCUT 

Research Interests:

  1. Pretreatment and Enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulose

  2. Modification and catalytic conversion of lignin

  3. Preparation of nano-lignocellulose and related materials


  1. C Cai, X Zhan, M Zeng, H Lou, Y Pang, J Yang, D Yang, and X Qiu. Using recyclable pH-responsive lignin amphoteric surfactant to enhance the enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocelluloses. Green Chem. 19 (22), 5479-5487.

  2. C Cai, K Hirth, R Gleisner, H Lou, X Qiu and JY Zhu. Maleic acid as a dicarboxylic acid hydrotrope for sustainable fractionation of wood at atmospheric pressure and≤ 100° C: mode and utility of lignin esterification. Green Chem. 22 (5), 1605-1617.

  3. C Cai, Y Bao, X Zhan, X Lin, H Lou, Y Pang, Y Qian and X Qiu. Recovering cellulase and increasing glucose yield during lignocellulosic hydrolysis using lignin-MPEG with a sensitive pH response. Green Chem. 21 (5), 1141-1151