Our research paper was selected as the American Chemical Society Editors' Choice

Our newest research paper “Yin and Yang Dual Characters of CuOx Clusters for C–C Bond Oxidation Driven by Visible Light” conducted primarily by Tingting Hou was selected as the American Chemical Society (ACS) Editors' Choice for May 10, 2017.

The paper describes a strategy of controlling CuOx clusters distribution on ceria/anatase nanotubes and the catalytic consequence in the model lignin C−C bond cleavage reaction. Highly dispersed CuOx clusters on ceria domains enhance the Ce3+ concentration in ceria and thus increase the catalytic activity (Yang character); the decoration of CuOx on the exposed anatase surface suppresses the unwanted oxy-dehydrogenation reaction by shifting the valence band edge of TiO2 to higher energy (Yin character). Thus CuOx/ceria/A-NT photocatalyst shows high activity in the C−C bond cleavage to benzaldehydes under visible light irradiation.

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