Prof. Liang Zhao has given a lecture

Prof. Liang Zhao gave us a lecture titled “Controllable Synthesis and Reactivity Studies of Organometallic Clusters” in the Conference Room on the First Floor of Basic Energy Building on July 21th. The lecture was directed by Prof. Feng Wang. 

The report elaborated the use of macrocyclic molecules as the outer template to controllable synthesis of organic metal clusters. A variety of metal clusters can be fabricated inside the cavity of differently sized azacalixpyridines, giving rise to metal cluster-centered capsule. Mechanistic studies have revealed that the cooperative effect inherent in multidentate macrocycles plays a pivotal role in the synthesis of metal clusters. The acquired metal clusters can be further applied in the fabrication of cluster-based functional materials.

In addition, he also introduced the use of organic multi-negative ions as the inner template to control the configurations of organometallic clusters including the construction of four asymmetric gold and gold-silver clusters by chirality transfer from diimido ligands. After the report, the attendees had an enthusiastic discussion with Prof. Zhao.(Text by Haijun Chen, Photo by Chaofeng Zhang)