“Elsevier-CAS Lecture Hall” held in DICP

On the morning of September 6th, "Elsevier - Chinese Academy Lecture" was held in the Conference Room on the First Floor, No.1 Energy Building. Dr. Lan Song, a publisher of the environmental science and health journal in Elsevier, gave a report entitled “The Cycle of Scientific Publishing”. The lecture was directed by Prof. Feng Wang.

Dr. Lan Song introduced the cycle of scientific publishing, including contents like how to write articles, what is peer review and how can you participate in this process, how to participate in journal activities and so on. She gave a detailed introduction about the process and common problems of paper submission and review, and made reasonable suggestions for the important steps. 

“Elsevier-CAS Lecture Hall” is part of the strategic collaboration between Elsevier and CAS in journal publishing. Publishing skills training series are introduced to CAS researchers. Editors and publishers of leading international journals in a wide range of subject areas will be invited from time to time to present on various topics related to publishing skills through training workshops.