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Prof. Feng Wang(王 峰)

Lab of Bioenergy Chemical
Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS
Email: wangfeng[@]
Address: 457 Zhongshan Road, 116023 Dalian P.R.China


Sep 1995 – Jul 1999 Zhengzhou University, China, Department of Chemistry, B.S.

Sep 1999 – Jan 2005 Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of sciences, Ph.D. Physical Chemistry

Academic and Working Experience:

May 2022 – present Associate Editor, ACS Catalysis

May 2021 – present Vice Director, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS

Oct 2018 – Mar 2024  Director, Division of Biomass Conversion & Bio-energy, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS

Jan 2014 – Oct 2018 Vice Director, Division of Biomass Conversion & Bio-energy, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS

Jun 2011 – present Professor, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS

Dec 2009 – Jun 2011 Associate Professor, Team leader of Bioenergy Chemical Group, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS

Sep 2006 – Dec 2009 Postdoc, Catalysis Research Center, Hokkaido University, Japan

Aug 2005 – Sep 2006 Postdoc, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of California-Berkeley, USA

Mar 2005 – Jul 2005 Assistant Professor, Organic Catalysis Group, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS

Research Interests:

Synthesis and characterization of structurally well-defined nanomaterials, such as metal oxides, zeolites, and metal nanoparticles

Development of green and environmentally benign processes for the production of oxygenates from olefins, alcohols and carbon oxides

Catalytic upgrading of biomass (lignocellulose and derivatives) into phenolic compounds, alcohols and polymer building blocks

Photocatalysis for solar fuel production, CO2 valorization, and biomass conversion

Theoretical calculations and machine learning in catalytic materials and chemistry


2023 First-class Dalian Natural Science Award

2022 Rare Earth Science and Technology Award - First Prize of Fundamental Research

Min Enze Energy and Chemical Industry Award - Outstanding Contribution Award, 2021

ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering Lectureship Awards, ACS, 2020

National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars, NSFC, 2020

NSFC-RS Newton Advanced Fellowship, 2019 (Collaborator: Stuart Taylor, Cardiff University, UK) 

Jiaxi Lu Excellent Mentor Award, 2020

Mentor Award of Chinese Academy of Science, 2019

Cheung Kong Youth Scholar Program, Ministry of Education of P.R. China, 2016

National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars, NSFC, 2014

Lin Liwu Excellent Youth Award, 2012

Chinese Catalytic Xinxiu Award, Chinese Chemistry Society, 2012

Young Scientist Award, 15th International Congress on Catalysis, Munich, 2012

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Presidential Scholarship, 2005


American Chemical Society (ACS)

Chinese Chemical Society (CCS)

Conference Talk:

1. Catalytic Depolymerization of Lignocellulose, 16th Eurasia Conference on Chemical Sciences 2023, Bangkok, Thailand, Dec.13-15, 2023

2. Catalytic Fractionation of Lignocellulose towards Holistic Valorization, 9th Asia-Pacific Congress on Catalysis (APCAT-9), Hangzhou, China, Oct. 30-Nov. 2, 2023

3. Photocatalytic biorefineries for H2 production, 2023 International Conference on Photochemistry and Industry, Wuhan, Oct. 10-13, 2023

4. Photocatalytic Cleavage of Lignin C−C or C−O bond, Nature Sustainability Workshop Series, Shenzhen, May 13, 2021

5. Catalytic conversion of lignin into aromatic chemicals, 2020 2nd International Youth Conference on Lignin- and Collagen-based Materials (2nd IYCLCM-2020), Dalian, Nov. 07, 2020

6. Light-driven Catalytic Biomass Conversion, Syngenta International Online Conference, Oct. 22, 2020

7. Light-Driven Catalytic Biomass Conversion to Liquid Fuels and Chemicals, The China-UK Catalysis Symposium, Dalian, Oct. 21, 2020

8. Light-driven Catalytic Biomass Conversion to Liquid Fuels and Chemicals, The 1st CAS-NST Joint Symposium - Focusing on Energy-Related Catalysis, Sept. 1-3, 2020

9. 2020 Catalysis Gordon Research Conference, June 28, 2020

10. Photocatalytic conversion of biomass and its derivatives, the 24th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference, Washington, USA, June 15-20, 2020

11. Catalytic scissoring of lignin C−C and C−O bonds, the 6th UK Catalysis Conference (UKCC), Loughborough, UK, Jan. 1-7, 2020

12. Ru/Ceria catalyzes the C−C/C−N bond formation reactions and Selective production of phase-separable product from a mixture of biomass-derived aqueous oxygenates, and Visible-light-driven coproduction of diesel precursors and hydrogen from lignocellulose-derived methylfurans, The 258th ACS National Meeting, Aug. 24-31, 2019

13. Photocatalytic Conversion of Biomass to Fuels and Chemicals, The 10th National Conference on Environmental Chemistry (10th NCEC), Beijing, August 15-19, 2019

14. Catalytic Cleavage of Lignin and its Derivatives into Aromatic Compound, The Spring Meeting of Korea Institute of chemical Engineers (KIChE), Jeju, Republic of Korea, April 23-27, 2019

15. Oxidative cleavage of carbon-carbon bonds of lignin to aromatic and Ceria catalysts for stitching small molecules via multiple bond formation, The 257th ACS National Meeting, Orlando, USA, March 31- April 4, 2019

16. Homogeneous Catalytic Oxidation of Lignin to Cleave C−O and C−C Bonds, Lignin Gordon Research Conference, Easton, USA, Aug. 5-10, 2018

17. Heterogeneous catalysis for lignin conversion, ACS Publications Forum in the 31st CCS, Hangzhou, China, May 5-8, 2018

18. Catalytically oxidative cleavage of lignin C−C bond, The 255th ACS National Meeting, New Orleans, USA, March 18-22, 2018.

19. Catalytic Oxidative Cleavage of C−C Bond Converts Lignin Models and Extracts to Aromatic chemicals, CatBior 2017, Lyon, France, Dec. 11-15, 2017.

20. Acid-base Catalysis of Ceria and Doped Ceria in Organic Transformation, OKCAT2017, Osaka, Japan, Oct. 27-28, 2017.

21. Photocatalytic Cleavage of Lignin into Aromatics, The 254th ACS National Meeting, Washington DC, USA, Aug. 20-24, 2017.

22. Catalytic Conversion of Lignin Models and Extracts into Oxygenates, The 253th ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, USA, April 2-6, 2017.

23. Catalytic cleavage of lignin C−C and/or C−O bonds to oxygenates, International Symposium on Catalytic Activation and Selective Conversion of Energy-Related-Molecules, Xiamen, China, July 10-12, 2016

24. Defect Site Control of Ceria and the Efficient Catalysis in Organic Reactions, The Pacifichem2015, Hawaii, USA, Dec. 14-20, 2015

25. Session organizer. Hydrogenolysis of lignin and lignosulfonate over nickel-based catalysts, The Pacifichem2015, Hawaii, USA, Dec. 14-20, 2015

26. Ceria-catalyzed organic reactions, The 17th International Symposium on Relations between homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, Utrecht, the Netherlands, July 12-15, 2015

27. Defected oxide-supported gold nanoparticles: charge transfer and crystalline effect in catalysis, The Gold2015 Conference, Cardiff, UK, July 28-30, 2015

28. Catalytic Organic Transformation Reactions over Nanostructured Oxides, PIRE-ECCI Annual Meeting, Santa Barbara, USA, Dec. 16-17, 2013

29. Catalytic Nature of Oxides as Water-Tolerant Lewis Acidic Catalysts in Hydrolysis Reaction, 23rd North American Catalysis Society Meeting, Louisville, USA, Oct. 16, 2013

30. Fundamental studies on lignin depolymerization reaction in alcohol over nickel-based catalysts, 2nd International Symposium on Green Chemistry Renewable carbon and Eco-Efficient Processes, La Rochelle, France, May 21-24, 2013

31. Catalytic Nature of Oxides as Water-Tolerant Lewis Acidic Catalysts in Hydrolysis Reaction, The 6th Asia-Pacific Congress on Catalysis, Taipei, Taiwan, Oct. 13, 2013

32. Electron Transfer at the Interface of Gold Nanoparticles and Partially Reduced MoOx and Catalytic Applications, The 6th International conference GOLD 2012, Tokyo, Japan, Sep. 7, 2012

33. Catalytic utilization of glycerol as a sustainable feedstock for chemicals and materials, The 15th International Congress on Catalysis, Munich, Germany, July 1-6, 2012

34. Catalytic C–C Cross Coupling Reactions at Benzylic Position over Molybdenum Oxide, The Sixth Tokyo Conference on Advanced Catalytic Science and Technology & The Fifth Asia Pacific Congress on Catalysis, Sapporo, Japan, July 18-23, 2010

Major Grants and Funds:

1. National Key R&D Program, “Directional catalytic conversion of biomass to prepare high value-added oxygenated chemicals”, 2022/12-2027/11.

2. Major Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, “The conversion of methanol coupling with oxygenates”, 2020/01-2024/12.

3. National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars, “Heterogenous Catalysis”, 2021/01-2025/12.

4. National Key R&D Program (International Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Key Special Project), “Photocatalyzed selective transformation of lignocellulose with hydrogen production”, 2020/01-2022/12. (Collaborator: Paolo Fornasiero, the University of Trieste, Italy)

5. NSFC-RS Newton Advanced Fellowship, “Catalytic transformation of light alkanes to olefins or oxygenates”, 2019/03-2022/02. (Collaborator: Stuart Taylor, Cardiff University, United Kingdom)

6. Dalian Science and Technology Innovation Fund, “Catalytic technology for high-value utilization of low-carbon olefins”, 2019/01-2021/12.

7. Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (B), “Research on New Catalytic Reaction for Efficient Use of Resources”, 2016/06-2021/05.

8. National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars, “Heterogenous Catalysis”, 2015/01-2017/12.

Books and Reviews:

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Research articles:

1. Ning Li, Kexin Yan, Thanya Rukkijakan, Jiefeng Liang, Yuting Liu, Zhipeng Wang, Heran Nie, Suthawan Muangmeesri, Gonzalo Castiella-Ona, Xuejun Pan, Qunfang Zhou, Guibin Jiang, Guangyuan Zhou, John Ralph, Joseph S.M. Samec*, Feng Wang*. Selective lignin arylation for biomass fractionation and benign bisphenols. Nature, 2024, in press.

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